What Is Radiation Right?

In diagnosing and treating medical illnesses and injuries, doctors sometimes have to use imaging technologies which utilize medical radiation. The Radiation Right® policy was designed to ensure patients are protected when undergoing these diagnostic imaging procedures. Here at the Medical Center of Lewisville, the care and safety of our patients is our top priority, and that is why Radiation Right® is so important to us.

So How Does Radiation Right® Work?
There are three components to Radiation Right® that ensure our patients are protected from unnecessary radiation. They are:

  • The Right Exam—Before deciding on a diagnostic imaging procedure requiring the use of medical radiation, your doctors will consider alternative exams, if available. They will also notify you of any risks and benefits of the chosen procedure.
  • The Right Site—Another important component of Radiation Right® is that radiation is applied appropriately, and according to the Joint Commission Universal Protocol, making sure the patient is receiving the right test or procedure.
  • The Right Dose—Radiation Right® ensures patients receive the lowest possible dose of radiation during their procedure. Doctors will consider national guidelines along with the patient’s size, medical history and the location of the scan.

Radiation Right® is designed to protect you as a patient, but there are ways you can ensure your safety as well. If you are being scheduled for a diagnostic imaging test requiring the use of medical radiation, please let your doctors or technicians know if:

  • You have had any other test requiring radiation within the last six months
  • Your condition or illness has required ongoing/repeated imaging procedures or radiation therapy
  • You have undergone any surgeries within the last six months

For more information on this policy, or to speak to one of our doctors regarding diagnostic imaging at the Medical Center of Lewisville, contact us today. Visit us online or give us a call at 972-420-1049 to schedule a procedure.

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