How To Stay Motivated To Exercise

Knowing the secrets to staying motivated can help you stick to an exercise routine.

A new year can be a good opportunity to start exercising, but how can you be sure you stick to your healthy resolution longer than just a few days, weeks or months? Here are a few secrets to staying motivated:

• Remind yourself of the benefits. Regular exercise offers both physical and mental benefits. It plays a critical role in weight management, can help reduce your risk of disease, fosters better sleep, improves mood and more.

• Find a fitness buddy. Exercise with a friend and not only will you be held accountable and challenged, you'll likely have more fun than if you exercise alone. 

• Shake things up. When your exercise routine becomes, well, too routine, you're likely to lose interest. To prevent this pitfall, change things up every so often. Try a new activity or take your indoor routine outside.

• Support a worthy cause. Sign up to participate in a walk/run or other race that benefits a particular organization or cause. Knowing that you're helping others can do wonders to help you keep going.

• Reward yourself for accomplishments. Been at the gym each morning this week? Splurge on some new workout wear. Lost those five extra pounds? Download some new motivating music to keep going.

To learn more about the benefits of exercise, check our our online health library or talk with your doctor. Need to find a physician? Use our online Find a Physician service or call our referral line at 855-800-4625.

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