Surprising Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Knowing some of the surprising heart attack symptoms that women experience can help save a life—maybe your own.

Do you think of a heart attack as strictly a man's concern? Statistics show that more than 200,000 women die each year of heart attacks, which is five times the number of women who die each year from breast cancer. Are you surprised? You might be equally as surprised by some of the heart attack symptoms women sometimes experience.

Interpreting the signs
Signs of a heart attack can be subtle and they can vary from person to person. Symptoms don't always include excruciating chest pain, and can often be mistakenly associated with other causes such as age, a stomach bug, lack of sleep, a busy schedule or being out of shape. In honor of Heart Month, here are some signs that all women should be aware of:

• Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, even without physical exertion 

• Pressure and/or pain in the lower chest,  upper abdomen, upper back, neck and/or shoulder areas

• Nausea and/or vomiting

• Skin feeling clammy or sweaty

• Lightheadedness, dizziness and even fainting

• Extreme fatigue

• No noticeable symptoms at all. Yes, some women experience no noticeable symptoms at all, which makes prevention even more important.

If you think you are having a heart attack, call 911 immediately. To learn more about preventing a heart attack and living a heart-healthy lifestyle, see what the American Heart Association has to say about diet, exercise, weight management, stress management and quitting smoking. To learn more about the comprehensive cardiovascular services offered at Medical Center of Lewisville, visit us online or call us at (972) 420-1629.

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