What Can Occupational Therapy Treat?

Occupational therapy can help treat a wide range of conditions and proves beneficial to many people.

Wondering if occupational therapy (OT) might be of benefit to you or someone you know? OT can help with physical, psychological, social and environmental matters. It can help with aspects of someone's occupation or profession, but can also help a child or an older adult with day to day functioning. It can be of great help when recovering from certain illnesses or injuries, and as a means of making everyday tasks easier for certain people. In honor of Occupational Therapy Month, here are a few of the many instances in which OT can improve your quality of life. It can help:

  • A senior adult manage daily tasks at home when adjusting to age-related challenges, including how to maintain independence
  • An injured adult with physical job-related functions in order to transition to a safe return to his or her workplace
  • stroke victim restore mobility, relearn tasks and regain independence
  • Someone who suffers from arthritis or other source of chronic pain learn to adapt their environment and do things in new ways that curb discomfort
  • A person with mental health challenges manage stress or triggers and function to his or her fullest potential
  • A child with ADD, ADHD, autism, a birth defect, or behavioral or learning problems adapt to a social or school environment

Medical Center of Lewisville offers comprehensive rehabilitation services, including occupational therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute. For information regarding in-patient services, call 972-420-1005 and for information regarding outpatient services, call 972-420-1775.

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