Living with Arthritis: How to Improve Mobility

Improving your mobility is one of the secrets to living well with arthritis.

Are you one of the 50 million people who the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates are living with arthritis in the United States? In honor of Arthritis Awareness Month, we’re sharing some ways to improve your mobility. Believe it or not, when moving is challenging, one of the best things you can do is exercise.

• Aerobic exercise can help with weight management, which is important because extra pounds put extra stress on joints making it more difficult to move. Low impact exercises such as walking, bicycling or swimming are less taxing on joints than high impact aerobic activities.

• Lifting weights or doing other weight training exercise is a good way to build and strengthen muscles, which makes moving easier.

• Activities such as yoga or Pilates foster flexibility and help increase range of motion while reducing your risk of injury.

• Participating in physical therapy or working with a trainer can sometimes be a good way to establish a regular exercise routine or to make progress when you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss or fitness program.

• Medication may help reduce inflammation and lessen pain and stiffness, making it easier to move. Talk to you doctor about what medication might be best for you.

• In addition to exercise and medication, mobility aids such as a cane, a bed rail, furniture risers or a swivel car seat cushion can help make everyday movements such as walking, sitting and getting in and out of the car easier.

To learn more about osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, talk with your doctor or visit the Medical Center of Lewisville’s online Health Information page. If you need to find a doctor, use our online Find a Physician service or call our Physician Referral line at 855-880-4MCL (4625).

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