Do I Need a Mammogram?

Don't put off finding out if you need a mammogram.

With a typical to-do list a mile long, it's easy to put off preventative health screenings. However, a mammogram is an effective tool is the early detection of breast cancer and can potentially save a life. If you're wondering if you need one, ask yourself the following questions.

Q: Are you 40 or older and has it been longer than a year since your last mammogram?
The American Cancer Society guidelines for early detection of cancer recommend yearly mammograms starting at age 40 for most women.

Q: Do you have family history of breast cancer or has genetic testing found that you're predisposed to getting the disease?
If so, talk with your doctor to determine if you should have a mammogram regardless of your age.

Q: Are you experiencing any worrisome symptoms?
Breast cancer symptoms
can vary from person to person. If you've noticed a lump, unusual tenderness, pain, irritation, dimpling or other change in skin texture, a change in breast size, discharge, nipple changes or any other troubling sign, talk with your doctor about whether or not he or she recommends a mammogram. These symptoms don't always indicate breast cancer, however when breast cancer is detected and treated early, there's a better chance of a positive outcome.

Q: Does your doctor recommend you have a mammogram?
General guidelines don't take into account individual circumstances. If you're wondering if you need a mammogram, talk with your doctor.

Once you've determined that it's time for a mammogram, know that the Medical Center of Lewisville's Flower Mound Imaging facility is home to state-of-the-art technology in a caring and comfortable environment. Visit us online to find out what to expect from a mammogram or call us at 972-420-6222 with any questions.

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