A Quick and Healthy Grocery List for Diabetics

Eating healthy starts by shopping healthy.

An important part of managing diabetes is eating a diabetic-friendly diet. With grocery aisle after aisle stocked with so many choices, choosing the right foods can be a bit of a challenge. Print this quick and healthy basic grocery list and take it with you when you go to the store to make shopping simple.

  • Fruit and vegetables. Choose a wide variety of fresh, frozen and/or canned produce; fruit and vegetables are the foundation of any healthy diet.
  • Nonfat, low-fat or reduced-fat dairy. Choose varieties of milk, yogurt and cheese that are healthier than their full fat counterparts in order to get calcium and other nutrients without all of the fat.
  • Eggs or egg substitute. Eggs are a good source of protein that lend themselves to making quick and easy meals.
  • Fish. Aim to eat fish, especially types rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, at least twice each week.
  • Lean sources of protein. Think boneless and skinless chicken breasts and lean cuts of meat. Avoid processed meats such as hot dogs, sausage and bologna.
  • Whole-grain products. Choose whole-grain cereals, breads, crackers and pastas instead of those made predominantly with refined grains.
  • Low-sodium soups and sauces. Canned and jarred products make for quick meals; just be sure to choose the low-sodium varieties.
  • Margarine and oil. Opt for trans fat-free margarine or margarine that's made with plant stanols/sterols and healthier oils such as canola oil and olive oil. Also pick up nonstick cooking spray so that you can limit your use of margarine and oil.

To find out more about diabetes, including treatment and prevention, check out our online Health Information pages. To talk with someone about a diabetic diet, make an appointment with your doctor or registered dietitian or call our Physician Referral line at 855-880-4MCL (4625).

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