Why Treatment Time Matters After a Heart Attack

Getting timely treatment for a heart attack can help prevent permanent damage and even death.

If you suffer a heart attack, it's not only important that you get appropriate care, but also that you get timely treatment. Here's why:

  • It decreases the chance that you will die. The longer it takes to get treatment, the greater the odds are that the heart attack will be fatal. Research has shown that patients who are treated within 90 minutes are half as likely to die as those that wait longer.
  • It can help limit permanent damage. The longer it takes to get treatment, the longer the heart muscle is deprived of oxygen and the more damage is done.
  • Medications and procedures are typically more effective the sooner they are administered or performed. Drugs such as thrombolytics, used to dissolve clots, work best if given within 3 hours of a heart attack. Likewise, coronary angioplasty and stenting offers a greater chance of success if done sooner rather than later and should be done within 12 hours of a heart attack.

One way to help make sure you or someone you love receives timely treatment is to be able to recognize the signs of a heart attack and know to call 911 immediately. At Medical Center of Lewisville, we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure prompt treatment and that damage to the heart is minimized. Learn more about our Cardiovascular Services by visiting us online or calling (972) 420-1629. If you're in need of a physician referral, call us at 855-880-4MCL (4625).

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