Back-to-School Nutrition: Lunchbox Foods to Avoid

Don't let an unhealthy lunch drag your children down at school! Here's what to avoid at the grocery store.

A healthy lunch can give your student just the boost he needs to get through his afternoon classes and activities. While plenty of fiber, whole grains, fruits, and veggies will improve his memory, recharge his energy levels, and strengthen his immune system, the wrong foods will leave him fatigued, grouchy, and unfocused. Stay away from these nutrition pitfalls while putting together a meal for your kids.

  • Deli Meat – Processed sandwich meats may be convenient, but they are too high in sodium. Unprocessed meats or peanut butter make for healthier sandwiches.
  • Banana Chips – They may seem like the perfect choice, but most banana chips are fried up in fatty oils.
  • Granola – It has a reputation as a health food, but most of the time it has just as much sugar as a typical dessert. Make your own trail mix instead, with unsalted nuts and dried fruits.
  • Juice – Most fruit juices are filled with sugar, especially the ones that are marketed for kids. Send fresh fruit instead, and some water to drink.
  • "Real Fruit" Claims – Don't fall for a cleverly deceptive marketing ploy. Always read the labels for the full picture. Pay special attention to how much sugar goes into foods that boast about using real fruit.

Along with a nutritious diet, your child needs plenty of activity, regular sleep patterns, and high-quality medical care to ensure a healthy future. Visit our website to find out about the pediatric department at the Medical Center of Lewisville, or give us a call at 972-420-1518 for more information.

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