Important Facts about Ovarian Cancer

Do you have your facts straight about ovarian cancer?

All women should be well-versed on the basics of ovarian cancer, a common diagnosis that often gets overlooked by female patients. Don't let ignorance put you at risk for an often fatal disease! Here's what you should know.

All women are at risk. Genetics are believed to only play a role in 10 percent of ovarian cancer patients. The other 90 percent of cases have an unknown cause.

Suppressing ovulation can lower your risk by 40 to 50 percent. Your body benefits from breaks in its fertility cycle. Pregnancy or temporary use of hormonal birth control methods can keep your ovaries healthy.

There are no screenings or tests available. While your doctor may encourage you to schedule annual pap smears and mammograms to screen your cervix and breasts for abnormalities, it is up to you to watch out for symptoms of ovarian cancer. Start paying attention to your body! If you notice any changes in your menstrual cycle or digestive system, see a physician.

Ovarian cancer is often caught after it has spread to other organs. At this point, patients only have a 20 to 25 percent survival rate over the next five years. If treatment begins in the earliest stages, patients have a 90 percent chance of recovery. Don't hesitate to talk to a doctor if you think something is wrong.

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