Unexpected Symptoms of Leukemia

Don't hesitate to make an appointment with your doctor if you notice any of these troubling warning signs.

Leukemia is a type cancer that can make its appearance in several different ways. There is not one tell-tale sign that alerts doctors or patients to its existence. This is because the cancer itself, which resides in the blood, does not directly cause the symptoms. Related complications will often result, with leukemia hiding away as the silent root cause. As with most cancers, the sooner it is caught, the easier it will be to treat. Don't brush off the following unexpected warning signs.

  • Anemia – If you eat a diet rich in iron, but you're still struggling with anemia, you may want to get checked out.
  • Bleeding gums – Is your toothbrush aggravating your gums, even when you brush lightly? Easy bleeding could be a symptom of leukemia.
  • Unexplained bruises – These may be signs of something more than just forgetfulness or clumsiness.
  • Large, pain-free lymph nodes – You may experience swelling in your armpits or around your throat because of sinusitis or a cold, but pay special attention to them if you are obviously swollen, but not sore, or if the swelling does not go down for a couple days.
  • Frequent infections – These are caused by the crowding out of normal blood cells by leukemia cells.

If you see the signs of cancer, make an appointment with a medical professional and get checked out as soon as possible. The oncology department at the Medical Center of Lewisville has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to give you the answers you need. Receive a physician referral when you call 1-855-880-4MCL (4625).

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