Diabetes Self Management Education: What to Know

Take control over your diabetes with these essential self-management tips!

Even if all the warning signs and risk factors were there, it's always a shock to receive a diabetes diagnosis. You know you're going to have to make some dramatic changes in your life to maintain good health. While professional training is the best way to master your new lifestyle, these tips will help you started.

  • Learn how to tackle the grocery store. Your diet just got more complicated. After going over what foods to embrace, avoid, or consume in moderation, you'll likely need to make some adjustments to your usual grocery list.
  • Determine consistent meal and snack times. If you aren't used to living on a schedule, diabetes could be a rude awakening. Going too long without food could leave you shaky, weak, and ill.
  • Create an exercise routine. Ask your medical team about the safest fitness plan for you, and get started ASAP.
  • Adopt some relaxation techniques. Stress can negatively affect the health of diabetic patient. Effective anxiety relief can range from a simple breathing exercise to long-term therapy.
  • Schedule your medicine around your eating habits. If your doctor has recommended medicine as part of your diabetes management, you'll need time its administration for maximum benefits.
  • Learn how to drink safely. Alcohol can interfere with your health if you aren't careful. Ask your doctor how often and how much you can safely drink.
  • Talk to your doctor about how to adapt your diabetes management plan to your menstrual cycle. Women may notice that their diabetic needs fluctuate with their hormones. Keep records of your blood sugar readings and talk to your doctor if you see a pattern that lines up with your cycle.


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