3 Ways to Lower Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Women, pave the way for a healthy future with these three tips for breast cancer prevention!

Breast cancer is a common threat among American women, but you are not defenseless against it! Get proactive and lower your risk where you can. These three tips will get you on the right path toward healthier living and healthier breasts.

#1 – Get in shape.

An active lifestyle can keep your breasts healthy and cancer-free. Put your couch potato ways behind you, and find high energy pastimes that you enjoy. If you are overweight, reevaluate your eating habits, along with creating an exercise routine. Obesity is a breast cancer risk factor you can defeat.

#2 – Reconsider what you expose your body to.

Cut out habits such as smoking or binge drinking. These bad habits increase your likelihood of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Some studies have suggested that hormone replacement therapy could make you more susceptible to breast cancer. Talk to your doctor about whether you should be concerned about these risks, and ask if any effective alternatives could work for you instead.

#3 – Make your reproductive system work for you.

While no one would suggest having children for the sole purpose of preventing breast cancer, pregnancy and childbirth will lower your risk of breast cancer, especially if your first child is born in your 20s or early 30s. if you do have children, breastfeeding can also lower your risk. Aim for at least a year, and stretch it to two if possible.

If you are at a high risk for breast cancer, talk to your doctor about what age you should begin annual mammograms. Medical Center of Lewisville offers state-of-the-art technology for accurate digital screenings. Learn more at our website or make an appointment when you call 972-420-1049.

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