How to Relax During an MRI

If you suffer from claustrophobia, you may need some relaxation techniques to get through an MRI.

An MRI is a painless and noninvasive diagnostic test. Still, many patients find themselves filled with anxiety before and during the process. Why? It can bring out fear in those who are uncomfortable with tight, enclosed spaces. If you are nervous about an upcoming MRI, here's how you can stay relaxed throughout the procedure.

  • Breathe deeply. A few deep breaths can do wonders when it comes to calming down the body. Practice breathing slowly and deeply before your appointment to get a feel for its effects. If you feel panic rising during the procedure, count to ten and slow your breath.
  • Keep your mind on something else. Don't allow yourself to dwell on where you are. Shut your eyes and think about people, places, or things that keep you calm and happy.
  • Talk to the technician. It helps to be reminded that you aren't trapped. There's someone who can hear you if it gets to be too much. Ask the technician to talk to you once you're in the machine.
  • Play music. Many MRI machines have the option of playing music for you during the procedure. Talk to your doctor beforehand about bringing in some of your favorite tunes.
  • Ask about medication. If you still can't seem to get through an MRI, your doctor may be able to prescribe a medication that helps you relax and successfully complete the procedure.

Have an MRI coming up? Learn more about how to prepare at the Medical Center of Lewisville website. If you have any questions or need a physician referral, give us a call at 1-855-880-4MCL (4625).

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