How Yoga Improves Your Brain Function

Holding those poses does more than just stretch your muscles.

Flexibility is not the only benefit yoga practitioners enjoy. If you are on the fence about whether to try that local yoga class, you may be surprised by all the benefits you'll receive from learning this ancient physical discipline. Along with establishing better flexibility and balance, yoga can actually improve the health of your brain. Here's how!

It sharpens your focus.

If you're easily distracted, a routine yoga practice may help you quiet your mind and hone in on what matters. Most yoga classes focus on more than just bending into odd positions. Your teacher will call on you to become still in body and mind. While your mind learns how to settle down during these exercises, these abilities will last long beyond your time in the yoga studio.

It helps improve the learning process.

Studies have shown that people tend to process and remember information better right after a yoga session. If you are a student or you are receiving training for your job, you can use this information to improve your performance.

It eases anxiety.

According to Psychology Today, yoga differs from other forms of exercise because it encourages the central nervous system to naturally release a chemical called GABA, which promotes a feeling of relaxation. This is also how most anti-anxiety medicines function, along with the relaxation that may come from a glass of wine.

It fights off depression.

Harvard Medical School recommends yoga as an effective approach to dealing with depression, citing two studies that observed improved moods in the participants after only 90 days of yoga practice.

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