5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Prenatal Class

Expecting mothers: have you signed up for a prenatal class yet?

Nine months may seem like a long time to prepare for motherhood, but there is so much to get done during that time frame. You have a nursery to prepare, a mile-long shopping list to get through, parenting books you want to read, and a house to baby proof. Here is another item to add: attend a prenatal class. These gatherings will really help you to feel prepared and confident about what's to come. Not sure if you have the time to make this a priority? Consider these five benefits:

  1. You'll work through some of your childbirth fears. It's normal to be nervous about labor and delivery, but it isn't healthy to be consumed by these fears. A prenatal class will help you come to terms with what you'll experience and approach childbirth with confidence.
  2. You'll learn invaluable tools for pain management. There are many ways to make yourself more comfortable while giving birth. Explore them all in class, and start practicing some of the natural methods, such as breathing exercises or visualization.
  3. Your partner will be instructed in how to offer optimum support on the big day. Yes, you'll play the biggest role when it comes to childbirth, but your partner is probably feeling nervous, too. The class will provide information that benefits you both.
  4. You'll write your birth plan. Make sure your wishes are written clearly and thoroughly – you may struggle to communicate verbally in the heat of the moment. Your instructor will make sure you've touched on all the important areas.
  5. You'll be able to observe the signs of labor with confidence. Near the end of your pregnancy, you may experience several false alarms. Learn how to identify the real deal.

Look into the prenatal classes offered by Medical Center of Lewisville at our classes and events page. You'll find opportunities to learn about childbirth, breastfeeding, baby care basics, infant first aid and CPR, and introducing a new sibling to your family.

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